Bake That Awesome Pie

(photo : Eric Franssen)

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The Electric Flute

Made and performed an opera The Electric Flute
(based on the sotry and libretto of Die Zauberflöte)
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Donna Giovanna

by Opera Spanga

I decomposed, shuffled, arranged, electrified, messed-around-with, put a lid on Mozart's music.

An Opera Spanga/NTR coproduction, more info here

Smells Like Tahrir Spirit

Smells Like Tahrir Spirit, a voice opera, directed by Joost van Hezik and with music by Bart van de Lisdonk. A co production of Yo! Opera Festival, Het Lab Utrecht & Dox

Live electronics by murw

Falstaff Rivisto

I 'decomposed' Verdi's Falstaff.
The whole thing was brought on stage by Opera Spanga and the Rosa Ensemble in july 2011.

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