Music Theater 'n Opera

10 Jun 2016 – Added links to a couple of projects I'll be doing this (and next) year:

De Terugkeer Turk - a music theatre performance by Lizzy Timmers for which I'll compose the music.

Bake That Awesome Pie - a music theatre / chamber opera by Anna Maria Versloot and Ben Lammerts van Bueren.

I'll be performing electronics, synths and keys live at both performances.

Check out the PROJECTS section for more info.


08 Feb 2016 – uploaded video footage of the aforementioned live show @ Grasnapolsky 2016, plus a video of the song OutfLat.


MURW live with CUBE

07 Feb 2016 – Played a techno live set @ Festival Grasnapolsky at Radio Kootwijk.

The visual wizardry was provided by CUBE, a project by Mike Reinierse & Rob Bothof

will do much more of this stuff, hopefully. check out what and when